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Sister's United-St Cuthberts Way

Under the influence of a bottle of Chardonnay, my sister and I decided to take on a challenge, walking 65 miles along the Scottish/English border to Holy Island in 7 days. Even worse, we’re doing the St Cuthberts Way pilgrimage with only 6 weeks training, in November, i.e. next week.

So why would 2 Couch Potatoes who haven’t walked more than 5 miles in the last 3 years do such a thing?

30 years ago, I decided to do a parachute jump for the MITRE Trust charity to give something back to Musgrave Park Hospital in Belfast where my son, Matthew (below) was looked after for years of his life, off and on. 65 jumps later my skydiving journey ended in a horrific accident, but I survived to tell the tale.

To my joy, the charity is still going, buying equipment to help get people on their feet again, so it seemed only fitting to do something for them all these years later, just a little bit older (and wiser?), bones creaking and feet that haven’t seen a blister for years .

I’m not doing a “Just Giving” page in case we don’t make it but donating £2 for each mile we do. If anyone out there can spare something, please feel free to get in touch and I’ll let you know where to send the money.

I’ll let you know how we’re getting on next week, so stay tuned on my social media for more.


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