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Recovering Body, Mind & Spirit
My Piece of Sky
Choosing Life
My Piece of Sky

“My Piece of Sky” is set in the skydiving world when a great day skydiving turned into a nightmare, with tangled parachutes, smashing into the ground at over 100mph from 6,500 feet and staring certain death in the face in seconds.

But I didn’t die, I survived against the odds to tell the tale.

I hope this book will help and inspire those who are facing trauma and difficult times, but it is also intended to help others understand the complexities that can come following trauma. I touch on subjects such as perceptions of others, guilt and shame, mental ill-health and addiction, being a patient in our healthcare system and how difficult it can be when both partners have been involved in the same event and react in their own individual ways. 

You may feel that this book won’t be anything but harrowing, or a difficult read, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. I weave the story through the wonderful memories, amusing times, the kindness and love that was always there, and the unbelievable way our body, mind and spirit heal and protects us so we can recover and live a fantastic life.

My book shows it all, the good, and bad...the love story, my life with on-going physical and psychological trauma, and the amazing glimpse into another world, a Near-death Experience, that has influenced and changed my life forever."

Joanne McConville, My Piece of Sky
My Piece of Sky


'my piece of sky'

extreme trauma

The confusing, unpredictable and messed up psychological aftermath of an accident with flashbacks, negative ways of coping with the anxiety, fear and loss, insecurities and a cruel separation from others that leaves an in-print on the brain that lasts a lifetime

near death experience

Unbelievably beautiful, the ultimate calm and peacefulness, an indelible memory to hold onto that became my “go to” place when times were hard. An experience of insight and learning not possible to find on earth and will change thoughts and values forever.

love & unity

The relationship of Joe and I, who was my parachute instructor, and eventually my husband  How did we become the only two people in the sky that day and how did we hold a relationship together afterwards, when the odds were stacked against us.

physical recovery

The reality of being cared for when you have been the carer. The birds-eye view of healthcare from behind the screens and the frustration, practical difficulties and change when an accident stops life in its tracks, from independence to dependence in a blink of an eye. 

My Piece of Sky


My Piece of Sky


My Piece of Sky


My Piece of Sky



"My heart was in my mouth as Joanne literally fell to earth; a brave and loving memoir that is testimony to her grit as a woman, wife, mother and leader.  I couldn't put this book down and know that I will carry it with me."

"Fascinating, exciting, anxiety provoking and very, very funny....perfectly describes the multi-faceted way trauma affects people."

"My Piece of Sky is a story of hope.   Joanne's story is an inspiration to anyone who has been through extreme trauma or a near death experience.  For survivors and family members looking for help and support after a traumatic event, Joanne really shows that emotional and physical scars can be healed, through love, determination, hard work, perseverance and a positive outlook.   Written in such an intimate way, she writes openly, clearly and honestly.  Joanne really showcases how the wisdom gained during a near death experience can be life-enhancing and have hugely positive effects in one?s life in the long-term.  A must-read for anyone looking for hope in times of need and looking to overcome a difficult and emotional challenge in life.  An inspiring read."

Miriam Stevenson, Marlborough Marketing

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