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"My Piece of Sky is a story of hope.   Joanne's story is an inspiration to anyone who has been through extreme trauma or a near death experience.  For survivors and family members looking for help and support after a traumatic event, Joanne really shows that emotional and physical scars can be healed, through love, determination, hard work, perseverance and a positive outlook.   Written in such an intimate way, she writes openly, clearly and honestly.  Joanne really showcases how the wisdom gained during a near death experience can be life-enhancing and have hugely positive effects in one?s life in the long-term.  A must-read for anyone looking for hope in times of need and looking to overcome a difficult and emotional challenge in life.  An inspiring read."

Miriam Stevenson, Marlborough Marketing

"Fascinating, exciting, anxiety provoking and very, very funny....perfectly describes the multi-faceted way trauma affects people."

Consultant  Psychiatrist

"My heart was in my mouth as Joanne literally fell to earth; a brave and loving memoir that is testimony to her grit as a woman, wife, mother and leader.  I couldn't put this book down and know that I will carry it with me."

PTSD Survivor, Extreme Sports Enthusiast & Mother

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