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- The Book -

Ground rush is scary when green swirling, grass comes up to grab you, as you fall from 6,500ft at over 100mph. You are plummeting towards your fate, not knowing what that will be. Will it be a certain death, or will you survive to tell the tale? Unbelievably Joanne survived. 

This book captures the full story, 25years on; it is especially for those who have experienced a traumatic event and those who treat them. 

"I began to write down feelings and thoughts that were coming to me, the words pouring out onto the page in seconds, as fast as I had fallen. Not the calming and beautiful feelings I describe when explaining my out of body experience, the part of the otherwise horrific accident, but the full-blown, inescapable raw terror I felt. The part I didn't know was still there, inside, in the deepest recesses of my mind."

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Once started couldn't stop! The author gives an honest and what feels like a true recollection of a traumatic event in great detail. The story she tells of the before and after and the effects on herself and family at times are both painful and funny. The courage to face it and find happiness gives hope to us all.

William Jones, UK, May 2022

The story is breathtaking, exhilarating, deeply profound with her experience of the entire journey and the her near death experience. Written in time where you are taking on the journey as if time stood still. Trauma explained by Joanne in a way that only an expert can as she has experienced it in reality. A must read. 

Mabel Doole, UK, April 2022

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